February 2020: Frustration and Inactivity

Thanks to Ciara, Dennis and Jorge, February 2020 turned out to be a very poor month.  We only managed to fit in 8 full sessions.  Not our worst ever by any stretch.  The first month after the great schism and the restructuring of the group was, appropriately, the worst, with just 86 birds ringed and 54 birds recaptured in January 2013.  It isn’t even our worst February: that was 2016, when we ringed 160 and recaptured 79 in the same number of ringing sessions.  Given the horrors visited on large swathes of the population, it would be churlish to complain.

The catch, and comparison to 2019, was as follows:

Feb 2020

Essentially, the catch held up well, it was just the lack of opportunity that depressed the overall numbers.  Let’s hope March is better weather-wise.


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