Misty, Murky Conditions: Tuesday, 29th November 2022

With a couple of days of low / no wind forecast I have decided upon a trip to Brown’s Farm for Wednesday, but thought I would open the garden nets this morning. It was one of those days that just never got beyond dank and dismal. The mist hung around all day and certainly impacted on the catch: although I still managed to catch far more than in my last two visits to Ravensroost Woods (combined).

I opened the nets at 8:00 and started to catch pretty well straight away. However, it worked out at two birds every 20 minutes or so before I shut the nets before lunchtime, to give everything a chance to feed unmolested for the rest of the day. It wasn’t the most exciting list: Blue Tit 6(1); Great Tit 1; Starling 1; Goldfinch 8(1). Totals: 16 birds ringed from 4 species and 2 birds retrapped from 2 species, making 18 birds processed from 4 species. This compares with 29 (19 ringed, 10 retraps) in better weather back on the 14th November.

Here’s hoping for a better haul tomorrow – although the weather is looking somewhat similar to today’s!

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