West Wilts RG: 2022 Review, Part 1 – the Numbers

We are a small group, largely working independently of each other, except for myself, as the only active trainer in the group these days. Currently we comprise three geriatric A-ringers (in which I include myself), one young, fit and active A-ringer (who is responsible for just under 60% of our catches), four C-permit holders of varying degrees of activity, and I currently have three licensed T-permit holders, plus four children taking their first steps into bird ringing.

It has been an excellent year for the group in 2022. Far and away our best return in the last decade:

In only three months of the year did we have our best ringing totals, but August was phenomenal, with our best ever total of birds ringed in any month, but also the best ever stand-alone month for birds processed. Also, January was quite exceptional, with our best ringing and recapture totals for that month, with a near 50% increase over the previous best. Indeed, the recapture total for January was the best ever for an individual month. I suspect that this January is not going to be able to compete, unless this wind drops and rain ceases.

Although on the face of it we processed more species than last year, 70 against 68, in reality, the wild bird catch was 67 vs 68, as that 2022 total includes the ringing of the rehabilitated Peregrine Falcon at Mere Falconry Centre and the Buzzards and Tawny Owl at RSPCA Oak & Furrows.

(Just a note for non-ringers: N = New / Ringed; S = Subsequent Encounters / Retraps, BTO nomenclature).

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