West Wilts RG: 2022 Review, Part 3 – Recoveries

There are two tables in this part: the first is list of the birds recovered by us but ringed elsewhere; the second is the reverse, ringed by us but recovered elsewhere. The pale green band identifies foreign recoveries or recoveries of foreign birds, whilst the pale purple band identifies birds that have travelled further than 100km within the UK.

I have not included the details of the 15 birds recovered after being killed by cats.

The key recoveries in this section are the Finnish Redwing and, funnily enough, the first Blue Tit in the list. The only other foreign recovery we have had of Redwing was a bird ringed at Lower Moor Farm in October 2015 and shot by some (expletive deleted) in France in December 2017. Having just checked the BTO on-line ringing reports, it looks as though this is the furthest movement of a recovered Redwing in the UK. The previous highest was a mere 1,905km!

As indicated in the notes, I was astonished to find just how far this Blue Tit had moved. The furthest Blue Tit movement within the UK is actually 770km and the next after our one is 611km. Interestingly, there have been some foreign recoveries, but the furthest of them is 573km.

Obviously, the long distance travels of both Sedge and Reed Warbler would dwarf those of our wee movements into France, as they continue on to Africa to spend the winter.

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