Webb’s Wood: Saturday, 8th December 2018

The weather forecast wasn’t particularly encouraging for today, with the potential for rain being estimated in the high teens percentages and strong winds forecast.  However, as the wind was forecast to come from the west and we ring right in the heart of Webb’s Wood, we thought we should be able to get a bit of a session in, provided the rain held off.  I was joined for the session by Jonny, Steph and Lillie.

On Thursday I had set up a couple of bird feeders and, although I didn’t expect them to play much of a part on Saturday, whilst setting them up I had noticed a flock of 40 or so Redwing in the vicinity, which would make a good target for our session.

We had the nets open for 8:00 and started catching straight away.  I was right about the feeders: we only caught 6 of the birds in the nets set close by. At the next session I have no doubt the vast majority of the catch will come from there.  The net setup is shown on the photo below. The circle shows the position of the feeding station:

Webbs 2

This photo shows the position of the ringing area within the wood:


I was right about the Redwing: we caught 22 of them: exactly half of the catch. So far this winter it looks like being our best ever for Redwing, with 130 to date in our sites in the north of the county, and we haven’t had any hard weather yet.  The total catch was: Great Spotted Woodpecker 1; Nuthatch 1; Blue Tit 8(1); Great Tit 1(2); Coal Tit 2; Wren 1; Robin 1; Redwing 22; Blackbird 1; Goldcrest 2(1).  Totals: 40 birds ringed from 10 species; 4 birds recaptured from 3 species, making 44 birds processed from 10 species.

At about 10:15 the wind began to get up and, as the nets were getting blown out by the wind, we shut them and took down.  It was a good decision: just as we finished packing the equipment away in the car, the rain came.  We left site at 11:00.

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