The Firs: Saturday, 22nd December 2018

We were lucky to get a session in on Saturday, with the weather having been awfully wet for the previous few days.  We set nets down the main path, either side of the feeding station.  I was joined for the session by Jonny, Ellie and Steph.  It was a fairly routine woodland session: primarily Blue Tits in the catch, no doubt attracted in numbers to the free feed.

The list for the day was: Blue Tit 28(13); Great Tit 2(4); Coal Tit 1(1); Marsh Tit (1); Wren 1(1); Robin 1(2); Redwing 2; Goldcrest 1.  Totals: 36 birds ringed from 7 species; 22 birds recaptured from 6 species, making 58 birds processed from 8 species.

The catch was fairly disappointing in its lack of variety.  The huge flocks of Redwing and Fieldfare have definitely moved on from the area, so it was nice to catch a couple of Redwing but, unusually, to catch no Nuthatch or Great Spotted Woodpecker was definitely unusual.  Also, no sign of any finch species at all.  Hopefully some Lesser Redpoll and Siskin will turn up later in the winter.

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