Lacock Abbey Allotments: Thursday, 10th January 2019

A post by Andrew Bray:

The first session of the year at Lacock Abbey Allotments started on a bright and sunny morning, which gradually clouded over as it progressed.  It started out very cold and seemed to get colder as the morning wore on.  My toes are gradually defrosting at home!

I filled up the on-site seed feeders and set one net nearby.   The catch was consistent and I was kept busy during the session.  All of the the recaptured birds were ringed by me at the site.

I was lucky enough to catch a Woodpigeon.  It was feeding on the ground and flew into the bottom shelf of the net when I approached.  They are large birds, and can get themselves out of the net more often than not.  However, I got to it before it could escape, and I was glad that it was the only bird I had to run for!

The list for the day was: Woodpigeon 1; Great Spotted Woodpecker 1; Nuthatch (1); Blue Tit 10(3); Great Tit 3; Coal Tit (1); Wren 1; Robin 2(3).  Totals: 18 birds ringed from 6 species; 8 birds recaptured from 4 species, making 26 birds processed from 8 species.

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