Somerford Common: Tuesday, 3rd March 2020

Taking further advantage of the break in the bad weather, Jonny, Alice and I went for a session at Somerford Common this morning.  We set just 4 x 18 metre nets around the feeding station, as the forecast was for it to be breezy. Fortunately the wind stayed very low for most of the morning (when you start at 6:30 and the wind gets up at 10:45, that is “most of the morning”) until, at 10:45 there was a bit of a squall: a sharp shower and some high wind, followed by some light rain, had us taking the nets down.  Annoyingly, by the time we had the nets down the rain had stopped, the wind had dropped and the sun had come out!  Even more annoyingly, a largish flock of Goldfinch arrived in the trees around the ringing site. We decided not to set up again.

It had been a really good session, starting with a couple of Siskin and our first ever Reed Bunting for the site in the first round.


Reed Bunting

The list for the day was: Great Spotted Woodpecker (1); Nuthatch (2); Blue Tit 10(5); Great Tit 8(8); Coal Tit 5(3); Marsh Tit 1(1); Long-tailed Tit 1; Robin 1; Chaffinch 5; Siskin 2; Reed Bunting 1.  Totals: 34 birds ringed from 9 species and 20 birds retrapped from 6 species, making 54 birds processed from 11 species.

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