Something Needs To Be Done: Red Lodge, 5th October 2021

I planned a ringing session at Red Lodge for tomorrow morning, so I went to site this morning to do some net ride maintenance. This is what greeted me:

The support pillar for the log barrier has been cut through with a chainsaw.

The barrier moved out of the way and

this pile of rubble and other rubbish has been dumped blocking the main path.

This is happening all around our local area, costing local farmers and landowners, the Wildlife Trust and Forestry England, £000’s to clean up. Obviously, the people doing this are criminals, but the people that commission these people to remove their rubbish, without checking their credentials and track record, are nearly as much to blame.

Unfortunately, without getting too political, with the huge cuts in personnel to the police services, this sort of crime is not a police priority. I have offered to help Forestry England with the removal when they are in a position to do so. Whilst it is left like this it is just an invitation for more criminals to do the same. We need a CCTV camera setup ASAP.

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