Red Lodge Lesser Redpoll Update

I loaded the data from this morning’s session into DemOn by about 14:00. Then I wrote the blogpost about the session, which I published at just after 16:00 this afternoon. Had I looked at my email before publishing I would have found the recovery report from the BTO, which arrived in my inbox at 15:52.

Anyway, to confirm that the bird has northern roots: it was ringed on the 28th September 2020 on a ringing site at Hatfield Moor, South Yorkshire. It has therefore moved 227km, 197 degrees South-South-West. The time gap is 422 days, but that isn’t really relevant, as I suspect it will have moved around in the intervening period.

This is a major benefit of the BTO’s online data entry system. As I entered the data I got notification that our data matched with what would be expected. One day, in a future systems upgrade, we will be able to see the full history of any bird we capture. I can’t wait.

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